Asylum Chapel Wedding Photography

Asylum Chapel Wedding Photography

Maverick Asylum Chapel is very much one of the coolest wedding venues in London and then had their reception at Clapton Country Club – these are dream venues for a wedding photographer like me to work at. This beautiful, personal day reflected the couple’s creative personalities (they are actors), but also the amazing empathy that the best actors have for others. They even had a board game room for those of their guests who are less dancefloor-addicted than some of the others.

That said, it was a hell of a party. It turns out that musical theatre actors love a good dance! Who knew?

Wedding Preparations

A calm and chilled start to the day at Emma and Sarah’s cat-friendly flat meant that the day got off on a positive note. Emma and Sarah got ready separately, and Emma got ready with her bridesmaids in their flat. It’s completely understandable when a bride is nervous before the wedding, but it turns out that if she was nervous, Emma didn’t show it, and enjoyed the process. I love capturing intimate moments, as well as the big moments, and this was really fun to be there for.

Wedding Ceremony

Fast forward to arriving at the wedding venue – the Asylum in Peckham, and Sarah did seem a bit nervous as she waited. Luckily their close friends and family made sure she was ok. When we met before the wedding, Emma and Sarah told me that their friends are their family, and that was definitely clear throughout the day – fun vibes all the way!

The Asylum is one of the iconic London wedding venues, and is a great choice if you want somewhere with instant atmosphere, creative vibes, and a sense of drama. 

The ceremony was pretty chilled, and with lots of laughter and some beautiful readings – you can’t really ask for me! The weather outside was rainy and cloudy, but inside the warmth and emotion really flowed.

Once Emma and Sarah had walked down the aisle and had a fun confetti shot, we did some group shots. It was great seeing how they and their guests enjoyed the creativity of coming up with pose ideas, and it really showed the fun they have, as a group.

Couple Portraits

They then had some drinks and food at the Asylum, before setting off for Clapton Country Club, which is a beautiful venue with urban and kitsch touches, that is easy to personalise to reflect you as a couple.

A delicious dinner was served, and the speeches elicited laughter and tears – which is exactly what you want out of wedding speeches, right? I love capturing real emotions, and taking you back to your wedding day, as you can see from my portfolio.

As the dancefloor kicked into gear, it felt as if, with the board games room, and the cool little nooks and crannies that the Clapton Country Club has, plus the nice outdoor area, there was somewhere for any guest to hang out, but also plenty of opportunities to interact. 

Evening Reception

Sarah and Emma partied, gamed, chatted and had fun, before ending with a beautiful sparkler exit. 

Thank you Sarah and Emma – it was a beautiful wedding day to be a part of, and it will linger long in the memory of anyone who was lucky enough to be there! If you’d like me to tell your wedding story, why not get in touch?

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