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When it comes to documentary wedding photography, I have a unique and creative approach that truly sets my documentary photos apart. 

When most people think of documentary (aka reportage and photojournalism) style wedding photographers, collections of black and white images that appear to catch people off guard are conjured up. Documentary wedding photography is so much more than this. A photographer should have a clear insight of the mood and atmosphere of an event and be genuinely ‘in-tune’ with the day and all of those in attendance. A truly skilled and professional documentary wedding photographer has a practiced eye for storytelling and the ability to capture those fleeting moments and currate a comprehensive and engaging narrative. 

The special glances between couples, the moments of hilarity following a punchline during the speeches or the proud and excited looks on parents’ faces. I pride myself on my ability to be in the right place at the right time, earning the trust of the wedding guests; family and friends. As a result, my wedding documentary, tells the story of the day authentically and honestly - photography that truly reflects the essence of the celebration.

Photographs come naturally and organically as I interact with guests and get a true feel for an event. I arrive to weddings dressed like a typical guest, not a photographer draped in equipment, I’m not like most photographers. Instead, I seamlessly blend into the crowd as I document the day from the perspective of someone who is actually part of it - not a supplier ‘looking in’.

By understanding the context and the feelings of the wedding day, I create deeply personal collections of images that capture the spirit of these momentous occasions. My documentary wedding photography stays clear of anything cheesy or awkward and instead, subsequent wedding photos embody the spirit of the day - wedding documentary photography is so much more than just a collection of aesthetically pleasing images. 

Weddings are profoundly emotional, often complex and fast paced events, with my photojournalistic style, my wedding photography captures and records weddings in a way that instantly takes you back to a moment and the way you felt. This is the true power of discerning reportage wedding photos - to be transported back with the rich mix of nostalgia, love and gratitude that you felt on your wedding day. 

If you want documentary wedding photography that genuinely encapsulates the mood and emotions that you, your partner and your family felt on the day, then I might just be the photographer for you. We can arrange a meeting and I can begin to get a feel for your unique connection. Get in touch and we can discuss your specifications, needs and desires for the wedding day. 

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