Couples Engagement Shoot Portfolio

As a photographer, 90% of the time, I focus on natural, storytelling photos, where people just live their best lives in front of my lens. But – what about the rest of that time, I hear you ask? Well, I love to make some portraits of my couples. Engagement shoots are a big part of what I do, and the couples I work with always love the experience as well as the images they get! If you get in touch for my pricing and other details, you’ll see that I include a free engagement shoot in most packages that I offer, and that’s for a good reason!

Engagement shoots are a great way to get some awesome images of you as a couple in a relaxed setting, where you can just hang out together, and we can also get to know each other a bit, ahead of the wedding day. I find that most couples really enjoy the experience, and the images that come out of it work really well for invitations/save the date cards! If you’re concerned about posing, then don’t worry: I never force couples into contrived, awks poses. My approach is all about giving gentle direction, and finessing some things from time to time, but with the emphasis always on natural positions. It’s all very low key.

I’ve even had couples not realise that some of the posed portraits they’d seen on my website were posed, and not a completely documentary picture – which hopefully gives you an idea of how chilled and unforced the experience is! If this sounds like something you’d want to have as part of your package, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch via my contact page, and we can plan some great pictures of you today!

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