A Colourful, Relaxed London City Wedding at Islington Town Hall and Vivo Bar

Sheena and Oz brought their creative and entrepreneurial spirit to their wedding at Islington Town Hall and Vivo Bar Islington. These guys are more than just a cool and fun couple – they also run the awesome and acclaimed Zephyr Burgers together – and they certainly brought those organisational and creative skills to their wedding plans.

From the beach casual theme, to the piñata, the life-size Danny De Vito cutout and the epic food choices, Sheena and Oz’s personality was imprinted throughout the day. Islington Town Hall is a beautiful, classic London venue, and with a highly personal and well-attended ceremony, it felt more like a celebration of them as people, as well as their relationship, than a legal formality.

After all that awesome intensity, it seemed like the obvious thing to do was for the couple to find a local pub to have a quick drink in, whilst their guests made their way to the wedding venue. I always encourage couples to take some time to get some pictures just of them on the wedding day, as it can be the only time they actually get to chat together and savour the moment. In this case, having a drink or two certainly settled any remaining nerves from the ceremony, before their triumphant entrance to Vivo Bar in Islington.

Judging by their reception, the guests were super happy for them as a couple, and speaking as a photographer, it was easy finding the kind of joyful moments and stories that I always look for, to tell the story of the day. Some of the funniest speeches, plus an explosive piñata session served to take the edge off a small London rainstorm, and the night ended with a packed dance floor, and some throbbing speakers.

Working with couples who want to have a chilled, fun day with their guests is what gets me out of bed in the morning, and Oz and Sheena defined that completely for me. If you’re planning a wedding day that’s all about the fun and the joy, and want the photography to capture that, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch here and we can get something in the diary.