An Awesome, Scandinavian-Inspired Wedding at Southwark Cathedral and the Oxo Tower

Rebecca and Charlie had a fantastic Scandinavian-infused wedding day at Southwark Cathedral and the Oxo Tower. Fittingly, for such a stylish London couple, Rebecca and Charlie’s day was full of high-end touches, like a string quartet, and a polaroid wall. A lot of my clients want a wedding day that is relaxed and fun, but also expresses who they are a bit, and I think this wedding sums that up perfectly!

Rebecca got ready at their London flat, in a relaxed atmosphere with her mum and bride squad, with Charlie breaking open the bubbly with his dad, ushers and best men in Borough Market. Rebecca is Norwegian, and seeing her Norwegian family embrace Charlie’s British and Irish family (and vice versa) was really heartening. Throughout the day, you’d see traditional Norwegian clothes alongside morning suits, and you know what? I am here for it.

Southwark Cathedral is a pretty spectacular venue for a London wedding. The buzz of Borough Market and all the nearby landmarks give it a sense of occasion, and the awesome architecture is pretty breathtaking. Charlie and Rebecca managed to enjoy their ceremony, and the laughter and smiles never seemed to stop. Afterwards, some relaxed drinks on the lawn was the order of the day.

On the South Bank of the River Thames, the Oxo Tower is a modern and chic London venue, with balconies to look out over the river, and as the guests mixed, it was great fun trying to find the moments and the moments between moments that tell the story of the day.

The great thing about being so close to the river is that it makes it easier to sneak out and get some portraits near the water as the light reached that golden late afternoon/early evening glow. Rebecca and Charlie were super relaxed and as I always put the emphasis on portraits being a relaxed and natural experience for the couple, they really embraced that.

As day turned to night, the latter speeches included an Abba singalong (with modified and personalised lyrics) by the mother of the bride, followed by a dance floor that featured some beautifully unhinged dancing, and some of the props from the Abba singalong! Basically, it was an awesome and fun day that had an atmosphere of pure, unadulterated fun throughout, and brought Charlie and Rebecca’s personalities and senses of humour out fully.

If you’re planning a wedding day that’s all about the fun and the joy, and want the photography to capture that, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch here and we can get something in the diary.