Light Trails Wedding Photography

June 12, 2016

A big part of being a wedding photographer is finding ways to keep things fresh, and to use creative techniques to liven up ceremonies so that they stand out, and capture the emotion of the moment. In London, the competition for wedding photographers is fierce, so you have to try to stand out any way you can, and a wedding is an opportunity to push yourself creatively, and try something new. One of my favourite parts of the day at a wedding is the dancing; people have usually lost their inhibition by that point, and are in the mood for a good old boogie! So It's a great opportunity to catch some shots of the bride and groom, and their guests making the most of the day, and to get some dramatic poses! 

One of the ways I like to add some drama to the dancing shots, is with a technique called 'dragging the shutter'. It involves using your flash and a slow shutter, speed, and you can use the dance floor lights to add light trails to the images. I'm not the only one who does this, and I want to refine my technique further, but it's one of the small ways I try to make my clients' photos that bit more distinctive and fun! If you like my work, feel free to get in touch



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