Paul & Alice at Islington Town Hall and Crypt on the Green

January 21, 2018

 Following on from last week’s preview blog, here is the full blog from Alice and Paul’s wedding, which took place at Islington Town Hall and Crypt On The Green, Clerkenwell. 


As befits a couple who proudly spent a significant portion of their wedding budget on their DJ, this wedding was typified by high level partying, belly laughs, and enthusiastic love and compassion. 




The Council Chamber at Islington Town Hall played host to a wedding ceremony with a wonderful selection of attendees, and Alice made her big entrance in a classic red London double decker bus. Paul had spent the latter part of the morning in the pub across the road briefing his best man and ushers on the days’ events, and greeting his guests. The anticipation slowly built throughout the day, and the evident joy on the part of the guests really enhanced the atmosphere.



Paul and Alice are both public-spirited individuals, so to get married in such a grand, and historic venue, with so many wonderful historic touches seemed fitting. The ceremony was enhanced by the fizz of energy in the room, as Alice and Paul’s guests seemed utterly engaged in the proceedings. Vows were exchanged, readings delivered, and rings were put on fingers, and just like that, Alice and Paul were married. 



Following a brilliantly chaotic and fun confetti exit, there was a brief moment where the guests had a chance to say hello to the newly-married couple, and compose themselves, as the red double deckers arrived to take the guests on to St James’ Crypt in Clerkenwell. 



As the guests piled onto the red buses, the sprinkled emotion developed into laughter and joy, and it was clear that the party had started. Upon arriving at the church, the weather was bright and clear, and everyone congregated in the courtyard, with its pleasingly historic feel, and glasses of bubbly were immediately poured. 





Alice and Paul had actually had their first date at a pub nearby, and so, when the time was right, the three of us slipped away from the festivities, and Alice and Paul had some time together, winning through the quiet weekend streets of Clerkenwell. We got some pictures outside the pub, and returned to The Crypt on the Green just as everyone was called to dinner.



A sumptuous dinner followed, where the wine flowed as liberally as the conversation, and then the speeches brought the hilarity and poignancy to proceedings. Special mention must go Alice’s sister’s speech, which was one of the funniest I have ever witnessed at a wedding, and was a great tribute to her sister, and the man she married. 






As the first bars of their first dance song began to play, Paul and Alice had their first dance together as man and wife, and it wasn’t long before the dance floor was heaving, with the kind of vibrant, life-affirming dancing and joy in the music, that only seems to happen at weddings. The DJ from Wedding Smashers had that ear for a good tune, and a great sense of what everyone wanted, and the energy stayed high from that point on. 






When the moment came to leave, the party showed no signs of simmering down; the dance floor was still crowded with writhing limbs and laughing faces, the bar was as busy as ever, and the jokes never seemed to stop. 


All in all, Alice and Paul’s wedding was a fantastic day to be a part of, and I think this bodes very well for their marriage. I wish them all the best. 


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