Shot of the Month: 'Shotsploitation'

February 4, 2018

 As a wedding photographer, you get to be there at one of the happiest moments in someone’s life, but also get to capture moments throughout the day, and, in giving them to the couple afterwards, you allow them to relive them, or even experience moments they didn’t initially witness. This is the first in a new series where I will highlight a wedding photograph by me that I really like, and describe what I like about it. The pictures could be happy, sad, comedic, artistic, or could just tell a story about a really special moment.

This picture, which I have named ‘Shotsploitation’ was taken from Lexy and Ruaraidh’s wedding at Morden Hall (blog coming soon!), and I guess you could say kind of moment probably happens at most weddings, but I was really happy that I was in the right moment at the right time to catch this shot. I’ve also included some images of the moment leading up to it.


The wedding took place on a scorchingly hot, bright day in August, and in the picturesque surroundings of the hall, the guests had a great time celebrating Lexy and Ruaraidh. Lexy and Ruaraidh’s friends were evidently incredibly happy for them, and this really heightened the atmosphere. Once the drink really started to flow, so did the laughter and jokes. By the time of Lexy and Ruaraidh’s first dance, this atmosphere had hit fever pitch. 

Ruaraidh’s best man had been doing sterling work, with a great speech, a lot of mingling and talking to a range of guests, and supporting the happy couple, whilst the rest of the ushers had made themselves busy helping organise family pictures and the confetti shot. So, who could begrudge them a bit of fun? It was at this point that they really cut loose, and the dance floor bore witness to a display of wedding dancing to rival any of the great examples of the form.

There’s almost always a point at a wedding where, despite a heaving dance floor, and good tunes, the energy starts to flag - it’s an unavoidable fact of wedding life - so when this comes, the role of Dance Floor Saviour (DFS) is a valuable one. Again, nearly every wedding has a DFS, and this person’s moment is often accompanied by a tray of shots. One of Ruaraidh’s ushers had clearly been reading his Usher Handbook, and realised this was his time to shine - he disappeared, only to re-emerge onto the dance floor bearing a precariously balanced tray that was festooned in shot glasses containing the blackest of sambucas, which he duly distributed to the core dance group.



The group partook of them with gusto, and it was at this point that Ruaraidh’s best man wholeheartedly went for it, and I got this image:

I hope he enjoys the shot as much as I did in getting it! 


I’ve taken better shots than this, I’ve taken more beautiful, but I also love shots that tell a story and capture the moment, and I feel that this shot does this. As the dancing continued, and the DFS broke out his sunglasses - despite it being dark outside - it was clear that the shots had done their work, and the DFS had successfully carried out his role. I disappeared into the night shortly afterwards, which is probably just as well, for the dignity of those involved!


If you’d like me to capture natural, fun, stylish reportage images at your wedding, then feel free to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you! I’m London-based, but willing to travel. 




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