Preview: Emma and Jon's Wedding at Froyle Park in Hampshire

February 25, 2018

Here is a preview image of Emma and Jon's beautiful wedding the beautiful Froyle Park in Hampshire. Check back next week for the full blog of a great wedding, on a stunning summer's day. 


Although I'm primarily a London wedding photographer, getting the chance to jump in my car, and travel somewhere new is always a great experience, and I would never rule out a wedding, based on location. 


Jon and Emma were very clear in our conversations that they loved my natural, documentary approach to wedding photography, and that they wanted to retain that reportage feel. They wanted the natural, fun and emotional moments to be captured organically, rather than the wedding photography dictating everything else.


Despite this, I'm glad to say that we took some time for a short couple shoot later in the day, with the beautiful light you only get on a summer evening. I'll be writing a blog post on this in a couple of weeks, but I think that, on a busy day where they were the centre of attention, Jon and Emma appreciated some quiet time together. 


The day itself was the kind of scorching hot day in August that suit weddings perfectly, and the idyllic, quintessentially British countryside surrounds helped set the tone for a fun and memorable day. The guests were a good mixture of friends and family, with a tight-knit group of school and university friends getting up to all sorts of hi jinks, and the day was punctuated throughout by laughter and frivolity. 


With a plethora of fun things to do, and a hard-working team serving drinks, the atmosphere never dipped, and the other constant on the day, was just how happy all the guests were for Emma and Jon. 


Of course, with all the dancing and fun, most people would consider that enough, but Jon and Emma went a step further, and had a mini casino! Thankfully for their bank balances, the guests weren't betting with real money, but still, the excitement was palpable, and the roulette wheel didn't stop spinning.


Working outside London is always fun because a change of scenery can be really refreshing, creatively. I love working with greenery and nature (not as easy to find if you're a London wedding photographer!), as well as the architecture of beautiful venues like Froyle Park set in spectacular surroundings. 


If you're getting married and you like my work, whether it's in London, Hampshire, or indeed, anywhere else in the UK, feel free to get in touch, and let's talk!

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