Emma and Jon's Wedding at Froyle Park

March 5, 2018

Emma and Jon got married at Froyle Park in Hampshire, and I was lucky enough to be there to provide the wedding photography. 


Emma and Jon: 


"When we received the wedding photographs, it was like living the day all over again, with so many priceless moments captured that we didn’t even notice happening on the day. We have had some lovely feedback from people on the photographs.Most of the images are a beautiful natural style and you can’t help but smile, laugh and cry when you look through the photographs, in a way that you don’t get from staged pictures and we couldn’t be happier with them."



Emma and Jon’s sun-drenched wedding was one of those days where it felt like everything was geared towards fun and good times. Throughout the day, a sense of fun and excitement shone through - it felt like memories were being created, and I had the wonderful job of capturing that.




I love being a documentary wedding photographer, but it can be challenging at times, as you have very little control over what is going on in front of your lens. Thankfully, with the fun, and maybe even rambunctious group of friends present, capturing the emotion and events of the day was never going to be a challenge. 





Emma and Jon had obviously put a lot of thought into how they wanted to approach their wedding, whether it was the understated, yet beautiful wedding decorations that adorned Froyle Park reflecting their personality, or the beautiful flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow, which enhanced the atmosphere on the day, or the hand-made table plan, and other touches, their love and their rich and vibrant relationship was evident to all.






Jon had a lot of his oldest friends as his ushers and best men, and had a relaxed morning hanging out with them. Jon had to be one of the most relaxed grooms I’ve worked with, so when I arrived to do the Hampshire wedding photography, I started snapping away, and the guys were all natural in front of the camera. This made for some great subjects.






Upstairs, Emma was deep into preparations with her bridesmaids. As you can expect, there was an atmosphere of fun excitement when I entered the room, and, just like her fiancé, Emma was cool as a cucumber - despite the sweltering heat. As I captured the moments of her getting ready, I was surprised just how relaxed and happy she was, and this made me realised that they both were just so happy to be getting married, that nothing could ruin their day. 






The lighthearted, chilled vibe continued as Jon welcomed their guests outside, but once the ceremony started, the atmosphere changed - it was clear that this was an emotional and meaningful time for many of the guests, and it was great seeing how much this couple mean to so many people.





















The happy times began again once we had headed outside for the confetti shot, and the spirits were higher than the airborne confetti within moments. The drinks and laughter were soon flowing, and the grounds of the stunning venue were soon host to pockets of guests reminiscing, telling jokes, and making new friends. 





















As the speeches began, emotions were at the forefront, but the best mens’ joint speech ensured that the speeches ended on a comedy note. With the DJ in full swing, Jon and Emma had their first dance, which prompted a full dance floor, and the whole age range of the wedding were soon boogying to their hearts’ content.