Preview: Karimah and Dan's Wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall & St Bart's Brewery

April 25, 2018

Photographing Karimah and Dan's marriage was great fun, and the couple themselves were the biggest reason for that. Here's a preview shot, ahead of my full blog post next time. 


Although a multicultural wedding of Scots and southerners would normally make for a great time anyway, when the couple are as fun and relaxed as Karimah and Dan are (as well as having a wicked sense of humour), it seems practically impossible not to enjoy yourself!


Dan and Karimah got married at Chelsea Old Town Hall, followed by a reception at St Bart's Brewery - a great combo, which anyone who has been to a wedding at those venues can testify. The venues were also a great mirror of the couple themselves - sophisticated and urbane, but knowing how to have a good time when the time comes! And are proper London wedding venues with old-school charm, and up to the minute touches.


Karimah and Dan's relationship is clearly a deep and profound one, with Dan's measured tones and dry sense of humour perfectly complementing Karimah's energetic and proactive approach to life. Throughout the day, I saw little moments between them, where they looked out for each other, and you could tell that, very briefly, they forgot everyone around them, and only thought of each other. 


I'll go into further detail about an awesome wedding day next week, but for now, I hope you enjoy this little taste.


If you like my work, and you'd like me to photograph your wedding - whether in London, or anywhere, then get in touch, and we can have a chat about your big day!

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