Secret Barn Sussex Wedding Photographer

The Secret Barn Sussex Wedding

Jonny and Rosie got married at the awesome Secret Barn in Sussex, and luckily enough, I got to be there to photograph their emotional and fun day. 

Despite being based in London these days, Jonny and Rosie met each other at University in Brighton, where their close-knit group of mutual friends was also formed. In fact, the whole wedding day, from the location itself to the ceremony and the decorations, to the amazing speeches, was all about reflecting Jonny and Rosie as people. Ever since our first meeting, Jonny and Rosie had made it clear that they wanted a relaxed, fun day where they could be themselves, and their friends and family could mix freely, and it’s safe to say that they succeeded!

The day started with Rosie and her bridesmaids getting ready at the Blanch House hotel near the Brighton Seafront. It was immediately obvious just how close Rosie is to her bridesmaids, as the laughter and jokes flowed freely, and it was such a welcoming environment that it seemed like some of the newer friends seemed like they’d all been laughing and dancing together for years. Normally there is at least an element of stress to getting ready, but the stress was notable by its absence, and all the prep went smoothly. 

Nearby, Jonny and his Best Men, ushers and his Dad got ready at an Airbnb. Sore heads were no object to good vibes, and the tunes were soon playing, and the ties were soon flying. Jonny had given Jonny a hip flask as a present, and it seemed to act as a bit of hair of the dog!

Jonny and Rosie put on a classic old red London bus to get their guests – including relatives from far-flung places such as Barnsley and Switzerland – from the centre of Brighton to The Secret Barn, which is situated in the beautiful Sussex countryside. The journey itself was upbeat, raucous, full of copious refreshment, and it immediately became clear that their family and friends would easily gel and have fun together.

As we approached the beautiful, stylish and rustic Secret Barn, it was immediately clear why Jonny and Rosie had chosen the venue. The authentic feel, and the secluded, natural feel was the perfect blank canvas to add those little touches of personalisation that were so important to the couple. 

Keeping the theme of personalisation, Jonny and Rosie’s mums officiated the ceremony outside, with the space decorated specifically by their mums in the beautiful orchard setting. On a hot, sunny day, it definitely felt like the weather got the memo!

As emotions flowed, so did the refreshments, and the relaxed and natural setting leant itself to quick and easy laughter and old reminiscences. As everyone sat in the stunningly-decorated barn for a delicious BBQ meal – prepared on the premises – it was time for some speeches, which ran the gamut for a fun and interesting speech by Jonny’s father, followed by Rosie’s dad, Jonny himself, and before the two best men proceeded to thoroughly and surgically point out Jonny and Rosie’s loveable and eccentric foibles, as well as putting their own spin on the story of how the couple had met. 

As the sun started going down, we made time for some short and relaxed portraits – something I always recommend to couples – and we made sure it was relaxing and fun at all times before heading back in to finish the day off with some fun and energetic dancing. 

All in all, I think if the general fun level of a wedding is an indicator of how successful the marriage itself will be, then I think Jonny and Rosie can look forward to a long and happy life together.

If you’d like me to photograph your wedding and tell your story, then feel free to get in touch. 

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