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Have you been trying to find a timeless wedding photographer in Hampshire?

The list of things to do for a wedding can quite often seem endless. From the venue and the dress to the caterers and guest list, it can seem difficult to know what to tackle first. Once you have your location set, one of the most important tasks to tick off your list is a photographer. No matter the time of year your wedding is set, wedding photographers are always in high demand, so getting one booked should be a priority.

Finding a suitable wedding photographer can also be somewhat of a challenge as it’s important to find one that suits your style. Whilst many people opt for a typical old fashioned wedding photographer who shouts out instructions for the perfect pose, Tom Aizenberg provides a slightly different approach.

Tom is known for his relaxed attitude and won’t get you to move into any uncomfortable poses. His specialty is being able to capture people in the moment of true emotion, with no need for fake smiles or awkward positioning.

To learn more about Tom and his fantastic previous work, take a look around the website today.

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