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You’re planning a relaxed, personal wedding, and it’s time to find a wedding photographer. And honestly? It's a little overwhelming. You don’t want to spend the day posing - you’re looking for immersive, authentic documentary wedding photography that takes you back to the genuine joy and emotion of the day. Humbly, I think I’m your man.

My Approach

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... Or, Here's a Little Bit About Me

... Or, Here's a Little Bit About Me

I’ve been obsessed with stories my whole life. I love movies, and in fact, one of my friends says that I "see life like it’s a movie script". Telling stories visually has always fired my imagination, and now I get to do it in my job as a wedding photographer.

Weddings are about emotions and stories, fun times, and - of course - the coming together of two awesome people in marriage. Finding those stories is something I love to do. A lot of my clients say to me that I took wedding photos that showed them parts of the day that they would otherwise never have seen.

Although I'm based in London, I'm not only a London wedding photographer - I've worked all over the UK, and even abroad. Variety is the spice of life, particularly in wedding photography, and I love working wherever my job takes me. Having said that, every wedding is unique, no matter where they take place, and I am passionate about finding and documenting - in the most creative way possible - the true and natural stories at each one through the magic of wedding photography.

I might mainly take a reportage approach to photographing weddings, but I am also passionate about portraits and think it's 100% worth taking the time for some creative, non-cringe portraits on your wedding day.

Whether you're looking for a London wedding photographer, or you're getting married anywhere else, why not check out my portfolio & galleries, and feel free to get in touch!

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“Your photos are INCREDIBLE!!!! We’ve just been crying with laughter. So many shots caught at the picture perfect moment! We are absolutely blown away!”

Megan + Matt