This is Me.

How I Work.

Wedding photography is a dream job for me. My couples want their day to be relaxed and fun above all else, and I get to be there to tell their story - I’m incredibly lucky! I love to create immersive images - photography in the thick of the action, that puts you straight back to the day. And I love candid, emotional, joyful images that are true to what’s really happening.

So - 90% of the time, I aim to stay out of the way, focusing on capturing everything in a natural style. You can find me documenting the fun moments, the LOL moments, the hug moments, the small moments that add up to the big stories, and the moments you talk about for years to come. And for that last 10%, I take some kickass portraits of you, and you get to take a breather, and spend some time (almost) alone on your wedding day!

Who I am.

This is me. Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with my amazing wife Sarah, camera in hand, in an epic natural setting, followed by a pub lunch with chilled vibes all the way. If it were my perfect day, it would end up with us watching Back to The Future. Or Bladerunner, or Almost Famous. Or the so-bad-it’s-actually-great Kindergarten Cop (“I’m a cop, you idiot!”).

As well as cinema (classics! Black and whites! Pixar! Studio Ghibli!), I also love to travel. I actually find it weirdly stressful, but luckily my awesome wife talks me into it, and I always have a whale of a time. Favourite trip so far was New Zealand: AMAZING – and we literally saw whales. I truly believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, or in this case, the other side of the world!

“We’re 10 minutes in, and I’m already in tears with how lovely they are! We are blown away… We love these pictures! It was the most amazing day, and I’m so glad it was you who we shared it with!”

Zannah + Kirill