Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography

Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography

Here is an awesome wedding, that I photographed at Islington Town Hall, with the reception at St James Crypt. It turns out that photographing a wedding reception in a crypt was not as spooky as it might seem!

Before the Wedding

Islington Town Hall is definitely one of the most beautiful of London Town Hall wedding venues – which must be one of the reasons it’s also one of the most popular! It has beautiful light, and a great exterior for group shots. I met Paul and his ushers across the road, as they were having some *ahem* Dutch courage beforehand. 

The Ceremony

As guests arrived, Paul strutted across the road to the wedding venue, where Alice met them. It was great to see how much their wedding day meant to them. They got married in the Council Chamber, which gave proceedings an epic feel, and allowed for lots of natural light throughout. Although they both seemed relaxed and happy throughout, Paul was clearly fairly relieved once the ceremony was over! I love capturing moments of real emotion – as a quick glance at my portfolio will hopefully show you!

The Reception

St James Crypt is a great venue for a reception, as it has these really cool arched walls, and it feels atmospheric – not macabre at all! There is also a nice outdoor area, where drinks were served. As it is a walking distance between venues, Alice and Paul walked with me, and we took some relaxed portraits of them, in an area which is special to them, and close to where they first met, and have worked over the years. 


Some of the funniest speeches I’ve ever heard – particularly by Alice’s sister really set the tone, and with the banter flowing as much as the wine; by the time of Alice and Paul’s first dance to You & Me Song by The Wannadies, you could tell that the guests were well and truly ready to hit the dancefloor. I love capturing the dancefloor, and this one did not disappoint – Alice and Paul had a great time, and so did their friends and family. After a wedding like that, it’s clear to see they are going to have an awesome marriage. If you want your wedding story to be told with a natural but still creative style, why not get in touch

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