I’ve got the best job in the world – and nothing proves it more than when I got to photograph Sally and Olly’s Beacon House wedding in Whitstable. A wedding on the beach sounds like the dream, right? What if I told you that Sally and Olly’s wedding day also happened to fall on one of the hottest, most beautifully sunny days of the year, and they ended their day with a swim in the sea? Even better, right? I’ve decided that most wedding days could be improved with a quick swim in the sea at the end. 

Beacon House is an amazing place to have your chilled and cool wedding day. Back in the day, it did in fact have a beacon in its garden – to warn sailors of the promontory that stretches out to sea (called ‘the street’ locally). So it’s got that authentic maritime heritage, as well as a beautiful, outdoor feel. Inside the house, quite a few of the features are original to when it was first built, and the garden has fantastic views out over the beach.

It’s probably the closest place to an American beach house that we can possibly get over here in the good old UK, and it has the added joy of also featuring the charms of the great British seaside town, complete with colourful beach huts, stony beach, melting ice creams, and a bracingly cold sea! The Beacon House in Whitstable is a great setting for a wedding, which it made it so much easier to photograph. Sally and Olly‘s wedding day was a joy from start to finish with emotion aplenty, good times had by all, and amazing food.

The best part about it was at the weather was just so wonderful that virtually the whole wedding was able to be outside, and that helped the day feel like everyone was on holiday together – a holiday which just happened to be the wedding day of two special people, amid their best friends in the world. It was so fun to see everyone just embrace that vibe from the start to finish, and there were some epic speeches. But probably the best part of the day was just a bit where everyone got to hang out with each other in the sun.

Beacon House Whitstable Wedding Photographer

The couple got married on their own, on the far side of the house, with the caterer and the manager as witnesses, and when they came out of their very small ceremony, it was to an amazing reception from their guests, so whether it was the beautiful chaos of the getting ready, or man terrific speeches, the evening swim, which capped off the day, it was a day to make you feel glad to be alive. If you’d like to see more of my photography, why not check out my portfolio here. Of, if you’ve seen enough, and want to have a chat with me about your wedding day, you can contact me here. I can’t wait to hear from you!